Sony HDTV KDL48W600 – Product Review

The Sony HDTV KDL48W600 is a W600B Series LED HDTV that features an analog TV system, 1080p display resolution and 24p True Cinema technology, and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

How Much?

The pre-order price of this LED HDTV from Sony is $649.99, with free shipping.Sony HDTV KDL48W600

Who Would Buy This?

Viewers become more and more demanding with the quality of entertainment they want to see, and that also extends to the quality they expect from the viewing tool or equipment that they are using. Fortunately, Sony is constantly upping the ante by coming up with new innovations that will improve the overall entertainment viewing experience. People who want a wider variety of content in their TV – all rendered in beautiful HD – will definitely want to get their hands on the Sony HDTV KDL48W600 the moment it hits the market.

Things We Like

Everybody loves how Sony integrates its Motionflow XR 240 and X-Reality PRO technologies, further combining it with Clear Audio+ technology, in producing color-rich, clear, crisp, and lifelike picture, set against loud and clear surround sound. Measuring 48 inches diagonally, the screen is just the right size; not too small, and not too big or wide, either. Convenience features such as Parental Control, Auto Shut-Off, and BRAVIA Sync, to name a few, are like icing on an already sumptuous cake.

However, the real gem in the Sony HDTV KDL48W600 is its internet connectivity. Now you have more options with media content you can view, since it can connect easily to the internet and stream online videos wirelessly and seamlessly to the LED-backlit LCD screen. Watching online videos from streaming sites such as YouTube, Netflix, and Pandora becomes a breeze, thanks to shortcuts that you can easily customize at will.

 Things We Don’t Like

Since this model is yet to be released (the estimated release or ship-out date is on March 20, 2014), we still cannot form an opinion on what aspects about the Sony HDTV KDL48W600 fall short of expectations.


This product comes with a limited warranty, with a term of 12 months or 1 year. As usual, Sony also offers after sale services for this item.

Is It Worth The Money?

At only $649.99, and considering the spectacular features and specifications that come with it, the Sony HDTV KDL48W600 is certainly worth spending your money on. It’s cheaper than other models of the same size, and it even offers more features!

Where Can I Buy?

As of this time, the Sony HDTV KDL48W600 is not yet out for sale. However, you can preorder it on the Sony website, or through Amazon. Preorder today and be among the first owners of your very own Sony HDTV KDL48W600 when March 20, 2014 rolls around.

Final Thoughts

Don’t you just love it when you get to have more options on what to watch – and how to watch it – with your television screen? Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with your very own Sony HDTV KDL48W600, and you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it before!

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