PANASONIC LUMIX TS5A – Product Review 

The PANASONIC LUMIX TS5A is a Wi-Fi Enabled Lifestyle Tough Camera that features a rugged, waterproof body, built-in creative effects, underwater capture stills and full HD video recording, and Wi-Fi capability with NFC. PANASONIC LUMIX TS5

How Much?

The PANASONIC LUMIX TS5A can be purchased for $399.99 with Free Shipping.

Who Would Buy This?

People who lead active lifestyles deserve the ultimate tough camera to accompany them on all their adventures, from hiking up mountains and diving into the sea, to braving the often ruthless throng of city-dwellers. The PANASONIC LUMIX TS5A has established itself as that ultimate tough camera, from its solid construction to its many features that are specifically geared towards adventurous pursuits.

Things We Like

Who doesn’t want a camera that is practically indestructible? The PANASONIC LUMIX TS5A is shockproof, you can drop it at a height of 6.5 feet and it will still be safe from damage or become downgraded in terms of performance. You can even bring it with you on your snow hikes since it can withstand freezing even down to a temperature of 14 degrees Fahrenheit. And since it is waterproof up to a depth of 23 feet, you can definitely take advantage of its Advanced Underwater Mode. Capture stills with natural-looking colors, and you can even record full HD videos in and out of the water!

The PANASONIC LUMIX TS5A’s advanced Wi-Fi functions are also nothing to scoff at. Since it comes with NFC or Near Field Communication technology, you can enjoy the ease and convenience offered by its One Touch Connection. Just by touching your smartphone or tablet to the camera, they can become remote controls for when you are using your LUMIX. One other advantage of NFC is the Touch and Share feature, which lets you instantly transfer images from
your camera to a smartphone or tablet by simply touching them together. Of course, it is even easier with the Instant Transfer feature, which allows you to set up your camera so that any picture you take will be immediately transferred to your device.

Things We Don’t Like

Judging from the list of features and capabilities of the PANASONIC LUMIX TS5A, it is highly possible that we won’t find any fault with it.


Panasonic offers a limited warranty for its cameras for 1 year, both on parts and labor.

Is It Worth The Money?

Who wouldn’t want a camera that can stand whatever abuse directed at it, AND still give you high quality pictures and videos? The PANASONIC LUMIX TS5A is definitely worth the money.

Where Can I Buy?

The PANASONIC LUMIX TS5A will be available for purchase directly from Panasonic and your trusted electronics stores. Merchants such as Amazon are also good places to look for this product, since they are likely to offer discounts, and other deals, including Free Shipping.

Final Thoughts

Gear up for the ultimate adventure and make sure you bring with you the ultimate tough camera, the PANASONIC LUMIX TS5A.

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