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8Sony has recently released the Sony PHA-1A, a portable and lightweight amplifier. The Sony PHA-1A has a sleek and compact design that will surely amplify and boost the sound and music from your portable players.

How Much?

You can purchase the Sony PHA-1A for $299.99 on

Who Would Buy This?

People who loves music and who are always into impromptu partying at home will surely love the Sony PHA-1A. Those who enjoy blasting off sound from movies and videos will definitely love this portable and sleek DAC amplifier. Read the rest of this entry

The Panasonic Headphones RP-BTD10-K is a premium Bluetooth wireless on-ear headphones that also comes with NFC capability and support for aptX-enabled devices.

How Much?

This premium wireless headphones from Panasonic is priced at $199.99.

Who Would Buy The Panasonic Headphones RP-BTD10-K?

1People are looking for more portable and more mobile music playback options, and headphones are also evolving to suit this lifestyle and meet this growing demand. Users who want to get more from their headphones – more than just a means to listen to music – will definitely appreciate the many other functionalities offered by this unit from Panasonic, from its connectivity features to its quality performance.

Things We Like About The Panasonic Headphones RP-BTD10-K

Portability is the main draw of many headphones, and the RP-BTD10-K offers that in spades. It has an on-ear design, so it is comfortable to use, even for prolonged periods. It is wireless, but it also comes with a detachable cord, so users can choose how to use it with convenience.

Storing it is also very convenient, thanks to its folding, swivel design. When stored, it does not take up a lot of space, and it is also protected from damage caused by improper storage. Read the rest of this entry

7The Panasonic Blu Ray DMP-BDT270 is a 3D Blu-ray disc player with a 4K Ultra HD upscaler, built-in Wi-Fi and smartphone mirroring technology using Miracast.

How Much?

Set for release on March 2015, the Panasonic Blu Ray DMP-BDT270 is expected to be sold for $119.00.

Who Would Buy The Panasonic Blu Ray Disc Player DMP-BDT270?

More and more people would like to experience 3D viewing in their own homes, without going to cinemas and multiplexes. Fortunately, there are now a lot of options to achieve this, and one of them are 3D Blu-ray disc players. Panasonic’s DMP-BDT270 is one of the latest models, featuring the latest technologies such as Miracast for smartphone mirroring, and built-in super Wi-Fi. Those who want to make the most of their 3D viewing experience will definitely take notice of this disc player from Panasonic. Read the rest of this entry

2Sony’s offering, the MDR-1ABT, is proving to be quite a threat to other headphones in its class and category. This wireless headphone features Near Field Communication and Bluetooth 4.0 for easy connectivity. To add to users’ convenience, it even has a built-in touch sensor on the right earcup.

How Much Is The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone?

The latest wireless headphone set in the MDR lineup has a suggested retail price of $399.99.

Who Would Buy The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone?

Headphones are now looking better and better, and so are its functions and features. In the past, it is rare to find a set that combines very good aesthetics with decent audio quality. Those who are looking for this combination will definitely find the Sony MDR-1ABT to be exactly what they have been waiting for. No doubt they’ll be lining up for this Sony contraption.

Things We Like About The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone

At first glance, the Sony MDR-1ABT may look bulky. But that impression would fade soon enough once you realize how plush and comfortable it is, not to mention good looking. The padding is thick and soft, and the earcups have enough space for comfort, even during prolonged periods of usage. Read the rest of this entry

1The Sony SRS-X99 is one of the newest wireless sound equipment to come out of the Sony power stable. This wireless speaker with Bluetooth capability features seven speakers with 154W power, and is controlled by the application called Songpal.

How Much Is The Sony SRS-X99?

This product is priced by Sony at $699.99.

Who Would Buy The Sony SRS-X99?

When the earlier model, the Sony SRS-X9 was released, it was a hit among audio enthusiasts, but there were also features that they wanted improved. The Sony SRS-X99 seems to be the upgrade of that version. Surely, fans of the predecessor will be more than happy with this upgrade, and will line up for it once it is officially released.

Things We Like About The Sony SRS-X99

Who doesn’t want a speaker that can be controlled wirelessly? The Sony SRS-X99 is designed for wireless functioning, so it can be controlled by using a smartphone or a tablet. That is definitely a convenience that we would not say no to!

Sound quality is not to be balked at, either. The Sony SRS-X99 produces sophisticated sound, thanks to its built-in 154 watts digital amplification. This does not have two or four, or even 5, speakers only. It has seven, all of which have a frequency ranging from 45 Hz to 40 KHz. That promises what could only be described as a satisfying and immersive sound experience. Read the rest of this entry

5The Sony  MEX-XB100BT is a high-powered 100-watt Bluetooth car stereo reinforced with a 4-channel class-D amplifier and premium features such as sound synchronization, Mega Bass, and ClearAudio+ technology.

How Much Is The Sony  MEX-XB100BT?

Pricing information for the Sony  MEX-XB100BT is still unavailable as of this date.

Who Would Buy The Sony  MEX-XB100BT?

Anyone who appreciates reliable and high performance from a powerful portable audio device will surely appreciate the cutting-edge features and technologies packed into the Sony  MEX-XB100BT.

Things We Like About The Sony  MEX-XB100BT

Car stereos have certainly come a very long way, and that is thanks to the innovations thought up by manufacturers. The Sony  MEX-XB100BT, for example, is one of those innovative products, offering something better, something bigger, and something new. Read the rest of this entry

1The Sony 3D Streaming Blu-ray BDP-S5500 Disc Player offers a full HD 3D viewing experience, complete with built-in super Wi-Fi connectivity and Miracast technology.

How Much?

The availability of the 3D Streaming Blu-ray BDP-S5500 Disc Player is yet to be announced, so no price has been set just yet.

Who Would Buy The Sharp 3D Streaming Blu-ray BDP-S5500 Disc Player?

The later releases of blu-ray disc players now offer a lot more features and capabilities than what they were originally meant for, which was as disc players. Now, they enable viewers to get access to more content, and even upgrade the quality of their viewing. With the 3D Streaming Blu-ray BDP-S5500 Disc Player from Sony, more options are open to those who are always on the lookout for more useful features from their blu-ray disc players. Read the rest of this entry

3The 2.1 Sound Bar HT-CT380 from Sony is a 2-way 300-watt sound system that comes with a wireless subwoofer and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio format support.

How Much?

Since the Sony 2.1 Sound Bar HT-CT380 is not yet available in the market, its selling price is still unknown. Watch this space for any announcements from Sony in the future.

Who Would Buy The 2.1 Sound Bar HT-CT380?

Users with high standards of audio or sound quality in their viewing experience will enjoy the surround sound quality delivered by this 2.1-channel sound bar from Sony. It is for those who would like to experience 3D surround sound without the need to purchase separate surround sound speakers. Read the rest of this entry

Panasonic BTGS10 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Panasonic proudly introduces the new Panasonic BTGS10 – Product Review 

Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones.Using Bone Conduction Audio, it features a comfortable and unique, outside-the-ear design that sends high-quality sound vibrations to your ear via the upper cheekbones. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity for easy connection to any compatible smartphone.

Panasonic BTGS10 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

How Much?

You can now preorder the Panasonic BTGS10 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones for $199.99.

Who Would Buy This?

After a while of using headphones, users feel some discomfort around their ears. Those who wear headphones for prolonged periods are aware of this, especially when they start sweating while wearing them. Users who are looking for a much comfortable option will definitely find it with the Panasonic BTGS10 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones. Since it is multi-function and very easy and comfortable to fit, it is also highly recommended for anyone who is always on the go, but do not want to be parted from their favorite music.

Read the rest of this entry

Panasonic BTD10 Premium Wireless On Ear Monitor Headphones –  Product Review 

Featuring wireless Bluetooth with aptX 4:1 Clarity HiFi Sound, the Panasonic BTD10 Premium Wireless On Ear Monitor Headphones is equipped with Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, powerful 40mm driver units, a built-in smartphone mic, and long-lasting Lithium ion battery.

Panasonic BTD10

How Much?

The Panasonic BTD10 Premium Wireless On Ear Monitor Headphones is available for preorder for $199.99.

Who Would Buy This?

The Panasonic BTD10 Premium Wireless On Ear Monitor Headphones is perfect for music lovers who want to listen to uninterrupted music with rich, satisfying, and clear sound quality, but prefer headphones that are not humongous or impossibly heavy, especially when stored. Frequent travelers will surely appreciate how this unit folds into a compact and travel-friendly size, and how it can also work as a phone headset.

Read the rest of this entry

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